Atlanta GA Lip Lift Surgery – Saggy Skin Facial Rejuvenation Treatments Launched

Radiance Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine (+1-678-412-0311) has launched a new lip enhancement treatment in Atlanta. The procedure improves the appearance of lips and lifts drooping skin.

The clinic’s new treatment is ideally suited to patients who have lost lip fullness as they’ve aged. It can combat sagging around the mouth and is provided by experienced aesthetic surgeon Dr. C. Carson Huynh.

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People in Atlanta who want to enhance their lips can now do so in around one hour with minimal recovery time. During the procedure, the patient is placed under anesthesia while Dr. Huynh makes an incision at the base of the nose that has a bullhorn shape.

A lip lift is a surgical procedure that provides instant results. It can be used to replace volume that is lost with age and rejuvenate the appearance of the mouth. The procedure shortens the space between the nose and the top lip to give a lifted appearance.

The treatment can provide a more attractive appearance and reduce wrinkles and skin sagging. It also prevents sensitivity while eating and drinking, and adds definition to lips that have lost their shape. Before and After Photos of Dr. Huynh’s procedures can be found by visiting

Interested parties can book a consultation via the clinic’s website. During the consultation, Dr. Huynh will assess the patient’s needs and devise a treatment plan based on their goals. Patients are advised that healing typically takes between one and two weeks. An aftercare plan will be provided post-procedure.

A spokesperson for the clinic says, “Radiance Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine is pleased to offer lip lifts as a surgical solution for clients seeking a more youthful, vibrant appearance. This procedure can help restore lips to a more youthful appearance. Whether you prefer the surgical or the non-surgical path, Dr. C. Carson Huynh will provide the most reasonable plan to help you to achieve your beautifying goals.”

About The Clinic

Radiance Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine offers aesthetic surgery, medispa, and wellness treatments. Dr. Huynh specializes in enhancing the natural beauty of his patients, helping them to live a more confident and radiant life. He has over 20 years of surgical experience and is a nationally recognized expert in facial plastic surgery.

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