Atlanta GA Epoxy Concrete Coating Flooring Commercial Service Launched

Atlanta GA flooring solutions company Concrete Masters has launched its concrete coating services, creating durable and elegant floors in commercial and industrial settings.

Concrete Flooring specialist Concrete Masters has launched its commercial concrete coatings services, providing commercial and industrial flooring solutions in the Greater Metro Atlanta, GA area.

The newly launched installation and maintenance services offer to create customized concrete flooring finishes at a fraction of the cost of other flooring solutions. The local Atlanta services provide rapid flooring solutions by transforming worn concrete floorings into highly durable, smooth-finish, and low-maintenance surfaces.

The company offers epoxy coatings, with a variety of finishes such the flake epoxy, 3D, and metallic styles that are customizable to commercial settings and brands. In addition to coatings, other industrial floor solutions available at Concrete Masters include acid stained and stamped pattern finishes to revitalize drab and colorless concrete.

Overlays and coatings can be applied quickly and economically, making them a practical way to create two-dimensional, patterned, and high shine commercial floors. Moreover, self-leveling overlays can correct uneven surfaces and can be ready to use in as little as two hours.

Concrete Masters offer a range of epoxy coatings, including Terrazzo epoxy which can create a mosaic-like surface and can also be mixed with marble or glass chips for a a polychromatic effect. Alternatively, garage floor coating offers an enhanced resistance to chemicals making it ideal for highly-trafficked industrial settings and can be similarly customized with quartz and glass chips.

Newly available options include metallic epoxy, which can be used to give the effect of copper, silver, aged bronze, nickel by incorporating metal and reflective pigments into the coating, making it a popular design choice in modern offices, retailers, and restaurants. The new epoxy coatings services can be completed quickly and leave a highly shock-resistant finish ideal for restaurants, clinics, schools, colleges, offices and more.

Additionally, they are extremely durable, have a seamless finish, and require little to no maintenance. For industrial flooring projects such as warehouses, food processing facilities, and commercial kitchens, Concrete Masters recommend Urethane grade epoxy for added durability.

The new concrete services uses coatings that are FDA-approved, odor and stain resistant, and have an anti-slip surface. The flooring solutions offered by Concrete Masters are impermeable and easy to clean, in addition to being approved and tested for factories, hospitals, kitchens, child centers.

More information is available at the URL above, or by calling +1-404-934-0424.

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