Atlanta GA Car Accident Chiropractic Clinics Announces 43rd Anniversary

Celebrating 43 years of chiropractic care services, Arrowhead Clinic provides chiropractic care for hundreds of thousands of patients throughout Georgia and South Carolina. The clinic offers services for anyone wanting to quickly reduce pain such as back pain caused by car accidents.

Arrowhead Clinic has announced its 43rd anniversary and is celebrating 43 years of chiropractic care service for patients in Georgia and South Carolina. Arrowhead Clinic has provided exceptional care to over 400,000 patients including auto accident injury victims, as well as patients that have been dealing with chronic pain.

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The newly announced anniversary is a testament to their ongoing high quality service. The team’s chiropractic services are suited for anybody that wants to overcome chronic pain and live a healthier, happier lifestyle.

With over 43 years of chiropractic care experience in areas such as musculoskeletal injuries and pain symptoms, Arrowhead Clinic aims to offer the highest levels of patient care and has become the largest chiropractic care facility in Georgia. Patients will find that Arrowhead Clinic now consists of 17 chiropractic clinics throughout Georgia and South Carolina.

Arrowhead Clinic offers a wide range of chiropractic services and has treated hundreds of thousands of patients in the 43 years of service. One such chiropractic service available is treatment for auto accident injuries.

This treatment aims to relieve pain for patients suffering from car accidents. The treatment involves an in-depth exam including digital X-Rays and MRI, diagnosis of the underlying cause of the pain and a personal treatment plan in order to provide the pain relief.

In addition to the auto accident pain relief treatment, patients will find that throughout the 43 years of service, Arrowhead Clinic has also provided pain relief treatments for whiplash. The steps to this whiplash relief treatment are similar to the auto accident treatment and involve a detailed exam in order to get a confirmed diagnosis of what is causing the neck pain. Once this is done, patients will receive personalized, tailored treatment to help relieve the pain.

There are a wide range of benefits to utilizing chiropractic care, and with over 43 years of experience, Arrowhead Clinic has a wealth of experience in the field. Some of the benefits of chiropractic care are pain relief, improved joint mobility and flexibility, decreased degeneration of joints, strengthening the immune system, decreased stress and improved cognitive ability.

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