Atlanta GA Best Functional Medicine Doctor Virtual Consultation Service Launched

Duluth, GA-based Conscious Medicine launches its complimentary 20-minute phone consultation. It aims to explain how integrative care can resolve patients’ lingering health issues.

Conscious Medicine, a functional medicine practice in Duluth, GA, announces the launch of its complimentary 20-minute phone consultation for new patients. Patients can learn how integrative care can help them overcome lingering health issues that traditional treatments have failed to resolve.

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The introductory call was launched to help people understand how functional medicine gets to the root cause of health issues by enacting holistic lifestyle changes. Conscious Medicine is headed by Dr. Truc Nguyen, one of the most respected functional medicine doctors in the Atlanta area.

The practice primarily treats women ages 25 to 55 with chronic conditions, but it welcomes patients from all walks of life. Among the conditions it can help treat are infertility, digestive disorders, autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia, sexual dysfunctions, and depression, to name a few.

Prospective patients can go to to book their free 20-minute consultation. To ensure patient safety during the current pandemic, the consultations will be done remotely and will be conducted by the practice’s highly trained team.

Conscious Medicine uncovers underlying reasons for health problems by marrying investigative medicine conducted by a board-certified M.D. with specialized lab tests. Dr. Nguyen adds that unlike with other practices, first patient appointments last up to 90 minutes so the team can get the whole picture.

Based on the extensive health evaluation, Conscious Medicine will create a bespoke plan that is natural, holistic, and can be integrated into a patient’s daily life. The treatment plan may entail targeted nutrient therapy, food planning and diet changes, detoxification, and lifestyle management, among others.

Should a patient wish to proceed with treatment after their initial 20-minute call, they can sign up for the clinic’s three-month I-Medicine program. Dr. Nguyen says that 86% of patients who undergo this treatment achieve their health goals.

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Dr. Nguyen says “I created a practice where I can make a difference in people’s health by delivering tailored lifestyle management.”

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