Atlanta Fast Virus Removal Disinfection For Offices And Workspaces Launched

A newly updated Atlanta green cleaning and disinfection service to combat COVID-19 and other pathogens has been launched. Total Green Services provides eco-friendly cleaning with the fastest virus kill time on the market.

Total Green Services have launched an updated disinfection service for Atlanta clients looking for the best eco-friendly workplace cleaning. Their company is built on providing an authentic clean customized to the individual client and their business needs. They specialize in servicing commercial businesses with Atlanta workplace disinfection.

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The newly updated Atlanta workplace disinfection and cleaning solutions aim to ensure workspaces stay clean and safe during the pandemic. They utilize cutting-edge green products that combat harmful pathogens at the source like SARS-COV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

Clients in the Atlanta Metropolitan area can get in touch knowing that the expert team will only use the safest and quickest eco-friendly cleaning solutions and chemicals. The ultimate aim is to reduce the exposure to toxic and dangerous chemicals and eliminate COVID-19.

Total Green Services have an environmentally responsible solution that contains an active ingredient that breaks down to oxygen and water that is odor free. It’s also compatible with all surfaces and objects, while being non-irritating to the eyes and skin.

The EPA and FDA certified sanitizer is designed to protect against key pathogens like TB, MRSA, Norovirus, HBV and HIV with a one-minute kill claim. It can also destroy SARS-COV-2 in three minutes, resulting in complete inactivation. This significantly reduces the replication and spread of the virus so it is no longer dangerous.

Other kill claims include Tuberculocidal within five minutes and Fungicidal within 10 minutes. The team states that there is no other product in the world that combats and eliminates these harmful pathogens in a faster time.

Their unique cleaning solution is part of their commitment to the highest health and safety standards. Hiring Total Green Services for disinfection rescues exposure to toxic chemicals, eliminates the replication and spread of harmful pathogens, and improves indoor air quality.

Total Green Services says: “We utilize our green products with our janitorial and commercial cleaning protocols that are good for the environment, better for your health, and are the most effective virus-fighting cleaning solutions on the market. Traditional cleaning products not only damage surfaces over time from toxic chemicals, they also contain carcinogens that can harm your skin and lungs.”

They add: “Sanitizing reduces the number of bacteria and germs significantly by 99.9%, but still does not effectively combat and kill viruses, fungus, and other harmful pathogens. Sanitizing cleaning protocols are not enough anymore. Disinfecting, on the other hand, eliminates the risk of infection by killing the bacteria at the source.”

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