Atlanta Erosion Control Services Expands To Cherokee & Cobb Counties

Atlanta erosion control services company Orion Erosion Control launched its new services in Cobb and Cherokee counties. The launch of new erosion control and soil conservation technologies in the region are a part of the company's strategic expansion in northern Georgia and the surrounding regions.

Atlanta erosion control services company Orion Erosion Control announced the expansion of its new services to the Cherokee County and Cobb County in Georgia. The expansion of its services has increased its coverage area across Georgia with a presence in the neighbouring states of South Carolina and Alabama.

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The environmental sensitivity of Georgia’s soil and water is underlined by the fact that the state has lost millions of acres of rich farmland topsoil to erosion in the last two centuries. Today, the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission (GSWCC) provides guidelines, best practices, and resources for the conservation of soil and water resources.

The GSWCC has instituted the Erosion and Sediment Control Program that mandates the stringent monitoring and control of erosion in and around urban development areas. Orion Erosion Control provides turnkey solutions to help small, medium, and large organizations with land-disturbing certifications remain compliant with stringent state guidelines.

The Atlanta soil and water erosion control company’s strategic expansion to the two counties involves the addition of several new services to cities in the region, paving the way for increased growth in northern Georgia. Orion Erosion Control currently provides soil and water conservation services to several counties in the state.

The new services being introduced in the two counties include multi-type silt fencing, silt removal, tree conservation fencing, barrier fencing, open-weave geotextile meshing, season-specific and speciality hydroseeding, erosion blankets, semi-hydrated polyacrylamide gel logs, water baffles, and other sediment runoff prevention technologies.

Orion Erosion Control is also a recognized provider of National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) management and consultation.

According to a spokesperson for Orion Erosion Control, “As one of Georgia’s fastest growing environmental solutions provider, the introduction of our new services to Cherokee and Cobb counties allows us to strengthen alliances with a deeper customer base, helping owners, builders, architects, and other development professionals with sustainable and environmentally sensitive best practices and technologies.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Orion Erosion Control is a provider and certified NPDES consulting firm with more than 17 years of operational experience in the erosion control and resource conservation industry. The company offers its services in greater Atlanta and in select cities in Alabama and South Carolina. More information is available over the phone at 1-844-346-2888 and at the URL above.

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