Atlanta Car Accident Lawyers Release Car Accident Guide

The Brown Firm has released its blog guide on the steps one should take in the event of an auto accident. The firm specializes in helping victims of auto accident injuries.

The Brown Firm, an Atlanta based law firm, has released a new guide on its site. The guide comes in the form of a blog that explains how individuals can protect their legal rights following an auto accident.

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The newly released guide details the different steps that one should take in order to avoid being taken advantage of after an accident. Among the ways listed are contacting the police, speaking with witnesses, and seeking medical attention.

In the first step, The Brown Firm advises that one should move the vehicle, that has been involved in the accident, to the side of the road. This step comes alongside checking on the wellbeing of other passengers who may have been in the vehicle at the time of the accident. The reason for moving the vehicle to the side of the road is to avoid further collisions with oncoming traffic.

Step two instructs those involved in the accident to contact the police who will arrive on the scene and take report statements. On this note, the firm advises that one should present the facts of the accident as one recalls them. It is cautioned, however, that in giving a statement one should avoid saying anything that might indicate responsibility for the accident on one’s part.

The third step in the guide details speaking with individuals who would’ve witnessed the accident. The reason for this, the firm pointed out, is that witness testimonies can be very beneficial as evidence. This step also comes hand in hand with taking pictures of the scene of the accident.

In the fourth and final portion of the guide, individuals are advised to seek legal advice from a car accident attorney. This is just in case one decides to file a claim for compensation for any damages to one’s vehicle or injuries to one’s person. The firm states also that contacting an attorney ensures the protection of one’s rights and that the negligent parties are held accountable.

The Brown Firm understands that in most instances, serious car accident injuries are caused by negligent and distracted driving. For this reason, the firm specializes in representing auto accident victims and helping to protect their legal rights.

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