Atlanta Bathtub Refinishing Reglazing Repair Maintenance Services Launched

Atlanta Bathtub Pros, a bathtub repair and refinishing company based in Atlanta, Georgia, launched an updated range of bathtub maintenance, reglazing and refinishing services. The company provides reglazing, recoloring and repair services for all bathtub types including acrylic, fiberglass, cultured marble and others.

Atlanta Bathtub Pros, an Atlanta, Georgia bathtub repair and refinishing company, launched an updated range of bathtub maintenance, reglazing and refinishing services.

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One of the most immediately-visible elements in a bathroom is the bathtub, and for residential comfort and property investment purposes bathtub quality is crucial. Old rusty bathtubs are not only esthetically unpleasing and unhealthy, but will also have a negative impression on potential property buyers, thus reducing the overall value of the property.

Many homeowners, however, do not replace their bathtubs in due time, as the replacement costs can sometimes be quite prohibitive, especially for something many do not regard as a serious investment. As a result, problems such as rusting, unpleasant discoloration and corrosion will only aggravate.

According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association, the total cost of replacing a bathtub averages around $3,100, installation included. The costs associated with refinishing or reglazing a bathtub are considerably lower, even though the benefits are similar.

Atlanta Bathtub Pros launched a wide range of bathtub reglazing and refinishing services for homeowners looking to improve the appearance and extend the lifetime of their bathtubs.

Professional bathtub refinishing and reglazing contributes to significant improvements in the overall appearance of the bathtub, with finished products looking like new bathtubs. The Atlanta company offers professional reglazing services for all bathtub models, including acrylic, cultured marble, porcelain and fiberglass repair and refinishing.

While a bathtub replacing process can take considerable periods of time due to the complex nature of the technical interventions involved, bathtub refinishing lasts only requires a fraction of that time. Atlanta Bathtub Pros usually provides full bathtub refinishing services in just a few days, from initial consultation and bathtub cleaning to applying the finishing coating.

The company also provides bathtub color changing and repair services.

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