Athletic Performance Company Looks to Complex Human Genetics for Training Plans

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How Cory Duffy is changing how his clients tackle nutrition, mindset, recovery, and athletic performance by looking at the complex genetics of the human body

Cory Duffy, the founder, owner, and operator of Duffy Performance Health finds himself fielding questions daily from people (even clients) about the latest workout and dieting trends. Even though he wants to provide the answer that people want to hear, the only thing that he can say is that it is complicated because humans are complicated.

That is the subject of Duffy’s recent blog “Complicated vs. Complex,” where he discusses the difference between complicated and complex. He references two doctors who describe similar experiences with patients that helped them differentiate between complicated and complex.

Duffy Performance Health builds custom-tailored nutrition plans that are aligned with macro and micronutrient needs. These needs are factored by looking at unique DNA characteristics and factoring in individual goals. The entire plan focuses on precise nutrition, optimized mindset, accelerated recovery, and athletic performance.

The Tier 1 program goes in-depth into gathering the variables that impact client lives, health, and performance. The reason that Duffy does this is because what works for one body may not work for another. For those who see performance enhancement through the use of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, others may not -the progress of those clients may decline by using them.

“After receiving their DNA-backed training and nutrition plans, the most successful clients are those who trust the data, follow the road map, and stay consistent.” Quote by Cory Duffy, Founder, Owner, and Operator of Duffy Performance Health.

It takes understanding the complexity of our own body to determine what type of routine will work the best. Duffy Performance Health takes each unique body and creates custom plans that bring them closer to achieving individualized goals.

Duffy Performance Health uses the Tier 1 Genetic Performance Program to create cutting-edge training plans that use epigenetic science to develop DNA-specific roadmaps for success. The idea for Duffy Performance Health comes from Cory Duffy’s military experience, learning that he could use his routines (PT 2X daily, mental training, nutrition plan, etc.) in his civilian life. The program is grounded in epigenetic science, physiology, psychology, biochemistry, and neuroscience, building on the complexity and complicated form of the human genetic makeup.

Duffy Performance Health is the combination of all the skills and life experiences accumulated by founder, owner, and operator Cory Duffy. The goal of Duffy Performance Health is to create a roadmap to maximize the five key elements of maximum performance – nutrition, supplementation, sleep, fitness, and mental optimization. Through cutting-edge technology, in-depth analysis, and robust training plans based on the client’s unique body type, each day brings new ways of helping people reach optimal health and fitness goals or take their mental performance to new heights. To learn more about Duffy Performance Health or to take your free cognitive performance assessment, visit

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