Athletes CBD Lotion Tincture And Salve Pain Relief Anti-Inflammatory Released

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Roy Jones Jr., an American boxing champion, launched a line of CBD tinctures, lotions, and salves designed specifically for athlete pain management and recovery.

Roy Jones Jr., an American boxer and winner of numerous championships in a range of weight classes, has launched Left Hook CBD, a line of CBD lotions, tinctures, and salves made especially for athletes.

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The new line consists of four products: Bodywork Soothing Relief Lotion, Recovery Tincture, Knockout Sleep Tincture, and Knuckle Up Joint Support Salve.

The line emerges as CBD becomes an increasingly popular form of a natural health and wellness aid, this time designed specifically for the needs of athletes. Multiple studies have proven the efficacy of CBD for pain and stress relief, and Roy Jones Jr.’s line blends CBD’s curative abilities with other ingredients beneficial to athletes, such as turmeric, lavender, frankincense, shea butter, and jojoba oil.

Left Hook CBD products are available for both vendors and individual users to purchase and are the result of Roy Jones Jr.’s expertise on how to achieve optimal athletic performance after spending years training and competing in the boxing ring. Jones Jr. is the only boxer in history to begin his professional career as a light middleweight and go on to later win a heavyweight title.

The ingredients in Left Hook CBD are naturally healing. The Bodywork Soothing Relief Lotion blends lavender and frankincense with full spectrum CBD, which means that all the natural chemicals found in the hemp plant are present in the product, helping the body with absorption. The Recovery Tincture contains spirulina, a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties.

The Knockout Sleep Tincture uses linalool, a natural sedative, and melatonin, and the Knuckle Up Joint Support Salve is made with arnica and turmeric, both of which have natural anti-inflammatory properties.

The CBD lotion, salve, and tinctures can treat a wide range of injuries, including joint pain, shin splints, and sciatica. They also work for everyday aches and pains, including the symptoms of aging. The sleep tincture helps with restless sleep and insomnia, delivering 3mg of melatonin with each dose.

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