Athens GA Lawn Care Winter Turf Maintenance Yard Cleanup Services Launched

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Fresh Cut Landscaping, an Athens, GA lawn care company has launched winter turf maintenance and yard cleanup services in the city. The company specializes in winter lawn care including aeration, weed control, and other essential services.

Fresh Cut Landscaping, an Athens, GA lawn care company announced the launch of winter turf maintenance and yard cleanup services in the city. The company offers lawn aeration, fertilization, and weed control services to homeowners across Clarke and Oconee counties.

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The top-rated landscaping contractor in Clarke County, GA has launched winter lawn care services to ensure that residential lawns remain healthy during the colder months. Warm-weather grass species such as Bermuda, Zoysia, Fescue, and St Augustine grass go dormant during the winter months and are susceptible to damage and weeds.

The team at Fresh Cut Landscaping provides professional yard cleanup services in Athens, Watkinsville, and the surrounding communities. Experienced lawn care professionals remove all leaves, branches, and dead plant matter to protect the lawn from shade damage and diseases.

The Athens, GA landscaping company offers winter fertilization as part of its year-round lawn care program. Fresh Cut Landscaping uses a scientific, species-specific approach to ensure that dormant grass receives the nutrition it needs. Winter weed removal is an essential part of grass maintenance to prevent lawns from being overrun by aggressive weeds such as crabgrass, chickweed, bluegrass, and clover that germinate during the winter months.

Fresh Cut Landscaping recommends that homeowners avoid heavy lawn traffic and over-watering during the winter months. The company provides regular and one-off mowing, watering, weeding, edging, sod installation, shrub care, and planting services.

According to a spokesperson for the Metro Atlanta landscapers, “Winter lawn care is one of the most overlooked aspects of all-year lawn care. We are delighted to announce affordable cold weather lawn care in Athens and across our service area.”

Headed by Matt and Anne, Fresh Cut Landscaping is a professional lawn care and yard cleaning company serving homeowners in Athens, Watkinsville, Hill, Statham, Comer, and other locations across Metro Atlanta.

For more information about winter lawn maintenance in Athens, GA, call 706-296-1291 or visit the URL above.

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