At Home Strep Throat Test, Safe Accurate Testing Kits For Adults & Kids Launched

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Individuals experiencing symptoms of strep throat can be tested from their homes with the Rapid Strep Test Kit. It's available at MyLaBbox and comes with free shipping and telehealth consultation.

MyLaBbox, an at home health testing, California-based company has announced the availability of its at-home strep throat test kits. The company specializes in providing testing for different types of infections.

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Also called the Rapid Strep Test, the newly launched screening kit is used to detect the presence of Group A Streptococcus (strep throat) in both adults and children. Strep throat is an infection that affects the back of the throat and tonsils, causing them to be irritated and swollen.

Another symptom of strep throat is difficulty swallowing as a result of a sore throat. When an individual has strep throat, white or yellow spots may also coat the back of their throat and tonsils, while lymph nodes in the neck may become swollen and tender to touch.

Although anyone can develop strep throat, it is more common in children (ages five through 15) than in adults. Aside from those already mentioned, symptoms of the infection in children include fever, head and body aches, stomachaches, nausea, and vomiting.

The team at MyLaBbox recommends that consumers take the test in conjunction with the free telehealth consultation while following the recommendations of the provider. This could make for more accuracy in test results.

According to the indications that come with the Rapid Strep Test, a negative strep screen may indicate that there may be another cause for the symptoms experienced by the patient. This however can be dependent on the quality of the sample obtained for the test.

Once an individual is tested positive for strep throat, antibiotics are usually the recommendation for treatment. The company’s telehealth consultant will assist consumers with prescriptions for antibiotics.

The company recommends that after the home test has been carried out and results obtained, clients should follow the instructions found in the testing kit. The instructions tell how to book a free virtual physician consult who will provide a prescription if needed.

The process between ordering a test kit from MyLaBbox and getting one’s results generally takes four steps. It entails ordering the test, collecting one’s sample, mailing the sample to the company (if necessary), and getting one’s results.

Rapid Strep tests are considered fast, easy, safe, and reliable. Given the name and nature of the kit, the entire testing process is conducted from the comfort of one’s home.

To find out more, interested parties can click on the link above or visit for more info on the different tests being offered.

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