At-Home Sensory Deprivation Relaxation Tank To Reduce Anxiety Launched

A new at-home sensory deprivation tank for overcoming anxiety and reducing stress has been launched by Zen Float Company. It allows customers to experience the benefits of floating from the comfort of their own home.

Zen Float Company has launched a new at-home sensory deprivation tank for customers wanting to experience the benefits in their own home. It is the world’s first in-home affordable sensory deprivation tank and offers a new way to approach mental fitness, relaxation, stress management and more.

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Sensory deprivation is also known as floating tank therapy, and offers a range of benefits to the participant. While floating, it is essentially a state of nothingness for the mind and body, working in a similar way to meditation.

The new at-home tank launched by Zen Float Company allows customers to experience this state of nothingness and oneness from the comfort of their own home.

The feeling of nothingness is achieved by turning off all sensory input, including sight, sound, touch, smell and even the pull of gravity. Once this weightlessness has been achieved, it allows the participant to take a time out from their everyday life.

Zen Float Company explains that there are a number of reasons why anyone would want to float in a sensory deprivation chamber. It is a time of oneness, to be alone, and to relax.

It can also be used to promote and stimulate athletic recovery, muscle recovery, improve focus, and achieve more mental clarity.

The company states: “Floating is a personal experience and you should treat it as your own journey. During your first few floats, you might find yourself losing track of time and falling asleep – total relaxation and the comfort it comes with will do that. We also recommend entering the tank with a meditation plan, or a work or life topic you’d like to focus on.”

There are a number of benefits to floating in the newly launched at-home sensory deprivation tank. For example, it can help to improve muscle rehabilitation and pain relief.

Customers will also be able to reduce their anxiety, overcome depression, and achieve a greater sense of relaxation in the tank.

Another key aspect of the process is that it can help with success visualization. The team says that mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness, and floating can help in this aspect.

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