Astro Spy GPS Trackers Now Available Through New Distributor in Southeast

Astro Spy Technologies of Canoga Park, CA, has just engaged Beverly Burney of Marietta, GA, to represent them in the Southeastern states. The company offers a new line of state-of-the-art GPS tracking devices for vehicles and people.

Astro Spy Technologies has just engaged Beverly Burney of Marietta, GA, as an authorized dealer to distribute their unique new line of GPS trackers. She is the first Astro Spy dealer in this region of the country to offer their state-of-the-art devices for tracking vehicles and/or people.

Vehicle owners and distributors, fleet managers, parents of teens, relatives of elders, or anyone else who would like to protect and monitor their property and keep their loved ones safe can now have access to the appropriate GPS tracking device.

Pretty much everyone knows about GPS navigation devices. These are designed to help people get to unfamiliar locations with ease.

Astro Spy’s GPS trackers, on the other hand, actually track the movements and status of any number of vehicles or people and provide real-time satellite images of location, speed, and heading, via the internet through a single computer. (A live demonstration is available at the website.) They work in all 50 states, Canada and Mexico.

Detailed reports available include vehicle histories including speed, time and location; all over-speed violations with map of each incident; a map of where each vehicle has been; how long a vehicle was stopped at a specific location; how long and where a vehicle idles, and several others.

Stolen vehicles can be quickly recovered, lost or wandering children or elders can be located, teen drivers can be monitored, vehicles can be remotely locked or unlocked, unauthorized use of vehicles can be prevented, employee drivers can be “kept honest” by reducing inventory loss and non-productive time and preventing speeding.

A GPS tracker actually recently saved a kidnapped woman from her abductor by allowing the police to track the vehicle her abductor was driving, apprehend the perpetrator and free the woman. The vehicle had been fitted with a GPS tracker because the dealer who sold the kidnapper the car was worried about his bad credit.

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