Astoria NY Airlogix Rooftop HVAC Installation/Repair – Commercial Service Update

Airlogix (+1-844-885-6449) has announced a new service update for Astoria, New York clients wanting to replace their rooftop unit. The team explains that new models can be more energy efficient and help businesses to reduce expenditure.

The new update ensures that commercial clients throughout the local area can create the best heating and cooling system for their store, warehouse, or shopping center. When properly maintained, rooftop systems can last for 20 years and provide businesses with a range of benefits.

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Airlogix states that commercial package and rooftop AC units can combine heating and cooling in one set, installed on the building’s exterior. If commercial properties have a flat roof, this can also provide a space-saving installation option.

Clients with an existing HVAC unit are encouraged to get regular maintenance to ensure it runs optimally. However, in numerous instances, a new installation can provide such a noticeable efficiency boost that it pays for itself.

There are several advantages for commercial clients installing a rooftop unit for their property. These units are quieter in operation, reducing the sound pollution that customers experience when browsing the store.

Because every element of the installation is in one place, it’s also easier for technicians to maintain or repair. This enables a more streamlined preventative maintenance routine to ensure clients get the best service. Often, technicians don’t need to enter the property to check the system.

Airlogix has over 30 years or experience in the field, and takes pride in providing clients with energy-efficient, high-quality service. In addition to New York, they operate throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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Along with full-service installation, the company also offers regular maintenance and repair, and emergency solutions for a range of clients. They have worked with retail businesses, commercial offices, and clients in the hospitality sector, along with a variety of others.

A spokesperson for the company states: “Rooftop units typically keep the indoor temperature low by using the outdoor air to cool things down. This allows for better ventilation and humidity control within the building as well. Combine your thermostat with a humidistat for better control and happier customers or employees.”

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