Aspiring Songwriter Lyrics Writing Exercises For Beginners Online Class Launched

Music Row 411 announced that “Better Songwriting 101” is now available for beginner songwriters. In this 7-module online course, students will learn how to transform their thoughts, ideas and emotions into music that expresses their unique songwriting style.

Music Row 411, the go-to resource for songwriters, musicians, and aspiring artists, announced a major update of “Better Songwriting 101”, a new course for beginners wishing to learn how to navigate the reality of successful songwriting in the 21st century. The new course lessons include detailed information about today’s music landscape, as well as the essentials of how to develop songwriting chops and build one’s own toolkit for success.

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Well-written songs tell stories with emotional journeys which are heard and felt by an audience. The newly launched course by Music Row 411 was specifically designed to equip students with a working knowledge and understanding of the craft of successful songwriting.

The “Better Songwriting 101” course enables beginners to grow their abilities with tried-and-true songwriting techniques for improved inspiration, preparation, writing, and editing. This professional coaching program will take each and every student through the step-by-step process of creating and pitching great songs.

Throughout the course, participants will be provided with the tips, insight and resources they need to turn their ideas into songs. In every module, they will explore, discuss, write and perform better music, whether is just for their own enjoyment or in the serious pursuit of professional publication.

Music Row 411 was created by Grammy-nominated musician and Tin Pan South, the largest songwriting festival in the world, co-founder Beth Raebeck Hall. Beth has extensive years of professional experience in the music and entertainment industry.

According to the official website of Music Row 411, “Whether you’re writing with professional aspirations or you’re writing to exercise your creative juices, writing a song is tough. And no matter where you fall on the spectrum, Better Songwriting 101 will help you write better songs and write them faster so you can focus on producing, performing, and improving without learning a bunch of complicated theory or wasting time on outdated practices.”

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