Aspen CO Umbilical Cord Blood/Placenta Regenerative Medicine Therapy Updated

Aspen Institute for Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine (970-279-8348) has introduced an updated treatment involving umbilical cord blood, to help patients with orthopedic problems.

The revolutionary therapy has been launched so the clinic can help patients with joint pain, mobility problems, spinal diseases, arthritis, tennis elbow, and more. The blood cells in the umbilical cord and placenta have regenerative properties that can heal a range of orthopedic issues.

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By adding umbilical cord therapy to its regenerative medicine practice, the clinic will be able to provide a new avenue of treatment for patients with orthopedic injuries. The “hematopoietic” regenerative medicines found in afterbirth materials has been shown to have pain-relieving and bone-strengthening properties.

The umbilical cord and placenta regenerative medicine therapy can repair or replace cartilage, bone, or other tissue. Stimulating new blood vessel growth can increase blood flow to the affected areas and decrease inflammation.

Umbilical cord stem cells replicate faster, and are often preferable to those found in bone marrow. Extracting bone marrow for a transplant can be quite painful, but donation of afterbirth materials does not harm the baby or mother in any way. Another advantage of umbilical cord blood is that the donor and patient do not have to be a perfect match.

Unless they have a relative willing to donate, most patients have to wait a long time for a bone marrow or peripheral blood donation. However, umbilical cord blood is cryogenically preserved and stored, so it is readily available. In some cases, transplants can take place within a single day.

Aspen Institute for Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine is led by Dr. Julian Gershon, who is board-certified in Family Medicine, Sports Medicine, and Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. He creates a safe, personalized treatment program for each patient based on their health or aesthetic needs. Services at the Aspen and Denver clinics include hormone therapy, regenerative medicine, peptide therapy, and vitamin therapy.

A satisfied patient said the following, “The whole staff was so kind and professional. I absolutely loved Dr. Gershon. He was so professional. He spent over an hour going over my blood work with me. I left there so informed…I highly recommend.”

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