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The Asigo System is a unique eServices dropshipping business model created by the collaboration of Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz.The model has been automated with the help of a powerful software platform which is scheduled for a public launch on July 28, 2020.

The Asigo System is a new groundbreaking automated platform for selling eServices, created by Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz from AmpiFire. The software has been designed to enable new business owners to create a 6-7 figure business by selling high-ticket eServices at a 90% profit margin. It empowers users to build and grow the business of their dreams and meanwhile helping other local businesses scale and grow.

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The system includes the best strategies and tools which users will need to promote and sell their eServices among their targeted audiences and high-ticket buyers.

Chris Munch explained: “Asigo is an excellent system that includes all necessary components to the foundation of a successful 7-figure online business. It is a tested and proven system that can save users years of agony, expensive mistakes, and sleepless nights wondering why the heck they are not seeing the results they expect.”

By choosing The Asigo System users will be able to sell a high-ticket, high-demand eService and generate $5,769 and more per month recurring for each sale they make. Chris Munch and his team have made sure that users have everything set up to profit in their business month after month.

Buyers of The Asigo System will get a chance to receive access to the powerful Asigo software, an automated 8-figure funnel, lead generation and traffic generation tools, coaching support, training and a lot more. The high-ticket eService that they will be selling is fulfilled by Chris Munch’s AmpiFire team and can be sold at a 90% profit margin.

The Asigo platform is easy to navigate through: tech know-how is not necessary. Users get 24/7 basis support, which is a considerable benefit allowing users to effectively adopt this business model and become successful online business owners.

Interested parties can get access to the platform starting July 28, 2020.

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