Asiana Bridal & Training Academy UK Launches Asian Makeup Artist Course in India

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Sukhi Sanghera, owner of Asiana Bridal & Training Academy, is enjoying a wonderful career both as a trainer as well as a sought after Asian makeup artist. After receiving many requests, Sukhi has launched a course in India for makeup artists.

Sukhi Kaur Sanghera is an Asian makeup artist who is also the owner of Asiana Bridal & Training Academy in UK. She is renowned for her amazing skills as a makeup artist, and has a followership of students and clients across Europe, North America, Australia and Asian including in India and the Middle-East.

Details about Sukhi and the Asiana Bridal & Training Academy can be found here:

“I started off as a bridal and party makeup artist, but as I gained in reputation and experience, more and more aspiring makeup artists started asking me for advice and coaching. That is when the idea of Asiana Bridal & Training Academy turned into reality.” Explained Sukhi Sanghera, when asked why she founded the academy.

From the startup over a decade ago in Birmingham, UK, Asiana Bridal & Training Academy has now extended its reach with makeup artist students attending Sukhi’s courses in Birmingham, UK, from all over Europe, Asia, Middle-East, Asutralia and North America. After receiving many requests and invitations from India and Dubai, Sukhi Sanghera decided to start with overseas courses by launching a new course in India.

The sheer success and overwhelming positive feedback and excitement that was experienced in India has culminated into the launch of a new 5-Day Makeup & Hair Master-class. The next master-class is being held in Delhi from the 22nd till the 26th May 2017.

“I have received such great reception as a teacher. I bring the latest makeup know-how from the West and combine it with the Asian aesthetic needs and give it just the right touch that it is so well liked in India. I am sharing my knowledge and techniques of makeup artistry with my students. I do not hold anything back.” Stated Sukhi Sanghera. “I was really glad to see a Bollywood rising star like Kritika Sobti be my makeup model at my first course in Delhi this year.”

Makeup artist students receive a truly hands-on training from Sukhi. Not only do the students learn the latest makeup techniques, but they also get to practice those techniques on a face and hair model under Sukhi’s guidance.

During the last course a student posted images of her face model on Facebook and commented, “My final look on last day of Sukhi Sanghera’s class. Thanks Sukhi madam for [teaching] us such lovely tricks. We will miss you, madam!”

Interested students are encouraged to contact Asiana Bridal & Training Academy for more details and to register for the upcoming course or for a course thereafter. Sukhi’s Facebook page can be viewed here:

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