Asia Cuisine Experts Publishes Comprehensive Guide to Cooking Lotus Root

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Honest Food Talks has published a new guide and recipes on lotus root to help western audience understand the cultural significance and nutritional benefits of the root vegetable.

Honest Food Talks has published a new article featuring nine nourishing recipes on lotus root which hopes to shed light on the root vegetable for a western audience. The article includes information on the health benefits of lotus root that was previously only published in Mandarin Chinese. Recipes featured have been directly sourced from cooks in India, China, Japan and Korea. It offers English speaking audience an opportunity to learn the basics of cooking the root vegetable, teaching you how to make traditional festive dishes.

Interested parties can go to their website to see the full benefits and recipes on lotus root.

This is the most comprehensive English recipe guide on the root vegetable. It includes detailed steps and instructions on how to make simple yet nourishing meals using the vegetable at home. All recipes are less than five steps to recreate authentic Asian dishes and have been written for busy city-goers.

One of the most important pieces of information the article tries to convey and communicate is the nutritional benefits of consuming lotus root as well as its versatility in dishes. Learn the health benefits and exactly what common health issues, lotus root can help to alleviate.

The article also includes several other interesting pieces of information, one is the fact that lotus root has the auspicious symbol of abundance and is often eaten at Chinese New Year. This should be of particular interest to those wanting to learn more about Chinese traditions.

The newly released article is part of a sequel from the online media company covering unusual vegetables. Previously, the digital start-up has published a guide on white mooli and kikurage, which is alternatively known as wood ear mushroom.

When asked about their inspirations for creating such an article, a spokesperson said: “We came up with the idea to publish this article when we discovered many people in the UK find it difficult to use lotus root in their cooking. This article also aims to show individuals how versatile the root vegetable can be through easy to make dishes. We are excited to able to share this guide and hope this will encourage more people to try the uncommon vegetable.”

Other articles from the online media company include their guide on traditional Vietnamese food as well as Hainanese chicken rice recipe, which aims to showcase local delicacies to a wider English speaking audience.

Anybody interested in more ways to cook lotus root are invited to the view the recipes on their website.

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