Asheville NC Personal Injury Law Firm Observing National Safety Month

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Fisher Stark, Ashville leading personal injury law firm, is pleased to share how June is National Safety Month. They are asking as many people as possible to learn more about National Safety Month at the website

A non-profit 501(c)3 organization, the National Safety Council is dedicated to preventing accidents, injuries and death in the workplace. The group uses a combination of research, training and advocacy to support companies and their employees.

Awareness of workplace injury is the first step in proper prevention. Injuries and accidents account for millions of dollars in lost revenue for companies annually. Most, if not all, injuries can be prevented by implementing safety standards and practices.

In support of this important event, Fisher Stark the Asheville personal injury attorney offers a few helpful tips to companies and employees to stay safe in the workplace.

“Using common sense is quite possibly the most important thing an employee can do. Warning signs, posting and the like are great, but these are secondary to thinking carefully and being aware of surroundings,” said Asheville personal injury lawyer Brad Stark of the Fisher Stark firm.

Another tip is proper training of employees in safety measures.

“Simply telling employees about safety is not enough. Good safety standards needs to be an ongoing process. If there are changes in the workplace, the employees need training and review of what is and what is not proper safety standards,” said Stark. Fisher Stark supports the National Safety Month and the National Safety Council.

“It is a strong hope that no one is ever injured in a workplace accident. If you are, contact our firm immediately for a free initial consultation. We can determine what is your best course of option,” said Stark.

Clients should feel that they are in very good hands when they hire Fisher Stark, P.A. as their Asheville NC personal injury attorney. Their goal is to work hard for their clients to win a successful settlement or verdict. In doing so, they feel they are also helping the community of Asheville, North Carolina. Justice must prevail, and society must hold everyone accountable for their decisions that harm others. By helping you with your court case, we are helping to make a just society where the rights of every citizen are respected and valued at

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