Ashburn VA SAT Exam Prep College Planning Personalized Tutoring Program Launched

Ashburn, Virginia, tutoring center MyExamsPrep announced that a new college readiness program is now available for students and parents who want to ensure a smooth college preparation process.

MyExamsPrep, an after-school tutoring center in Ashburn, Virginia, announced the launch of a new personalized college readiness program. This program offers comprehensive education for students and parents about the college readiness process.

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The newly launched college readiness program at MyExamsPrep aims to help students identify and amplify their personal strengths in their application to maximize their college applications for admissions officers.

In order to optimize their college readiness, students should first learn what skills are necessary for thorough college preparation.

The new college readiness program at MyExamsPrep is an excellent assistance program for students and parents. The tutoring team offer 100% of their time to students applying to college, guiding them each step of the way. They also keep parents informed about the college admissions process.

The program includes SAT, ACT and Subject Test advisement. Participants can learn when to take these tests, what are the ideal scores per college, the most successful study regiments, as well as which subject tests to take depending on their aspiring major.

Throughout the program, students receive assistance with filling out the student and family questions, emphasizing the honors, achievements and awards section, listing activities and extracurriculars, researching each university and ranking colleges, understanding tuition and housing, and many more.

MyExamsPrep provides participants with access to an excellent scholarship database gathered over years of student advice, successful applications and in-depth research. The database includes over 50 scholarships for a wide range of college applicants, all categorized by deadlines, scholarship type, scholarship amount, essay length, and geared audience for each major.

Further assistance also includes help with drafting, planning, organizing, outlining, and fleshing out the essays.

With the recent announcement, the team at MyExamsPrep are committed to helping students create a complete college application that accurately highlights all their positive qualities and increases their chances of getting accepted into their dream school.

A satisfied parent said: “MyExamsPrep’s teaching method aligns with student’s needs. It is customized based on the student’s current abilities and strives to improve that base point. I highly recommend MyExamsPrep to anyone wanting to give a head start to their children.”

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