As Holidays Approach, eGreeting Card Service Helps Non-Profits Grow Donor Base Before 2014 Ends

The eGreeting cards service, WonderCard, announces WonderSmile, a new program that empowers non-profits, schools and religious groups to do online fundraising so they can grow their donor base and boost their total donations before the 2014 year is over.

Today, WonderCard, an online e-greeting card design platform, announces the WonderSmile program, an online fundraising system that enables non-profits,schools and religious groups to extend their reach so they attract new donors and raise more money. As the holidays approach, WonderSmile offers these organizations a timely chance to meet their 2014 fundraising goals.

WonderCard was invented by Maggie Pearce, Chief Wonder at WonderCard, with a vision of helping her son’s school raise funds. “My son’s school does a terrific job on bake sales, wine and cheese gatherings and other fundraising activities; however,the funds they could raise were limited to who would show up in-person. The school needed a dependable way to widen their base of donors and steadily collect donations without relying on yet another event.  Seeing the student’s artwork on the walls inspired me to create an online greeting card service parents could use to share their kid’s paintings and recitals and help raise money in the process.This is how WonderCard was born.”

The WonderSmile program costs $0 for non-profits, schools and religious groups to join. Using WonderSmile, these organizations raise money by expanding their donor base beyond the current membership, adding an online dimension to current offline fundraising campaigns (that requires no extra effort on the part of overworked staff or volunteers), and by establishing perpetual online fundraising capabilities where participating organizations receive 20% of what their users spend on

As the 2014 Holidays approach, the WonderSmile program offers non-profits, schools and religious groups the opportunity to meet or exceed their online fundraising goals for the year. Learn more about the WonderSmile program at:

About WonderCard: WonderCard is an online greeting card design platform. It offers total freedom for users to create and send online greetings featuring their own video, image, text, and music across multiple pages. For more information, visit:

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