As FTC Issues Guidance On Safeguards Rule, 2Secure Corp Launches Awareness Drive

In response to the latest amendments to the Safeguards Rule, issued by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), 2Secure Corp launches a public awareness campaign.

2Secure Corp has announced a new public awareness drive in response to the latest Safeguards Rule guidance issued by the FTC in May 2022.

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The revised Safeguards Rule requires auto dealers and other SMBs to undertake specific steps to protect consumer data. In a bid to help dealers stay on top of cybersecurity compliances, 2Secure provides in-depth coverage of the amended Rule’s requirements in its new educational initiative.

As explained by the FTC, “While preserving the flexibility of the original Safeguards Rule, the revised Rule provides more concrete guidance for businesses. It reflects core data security principles that all covered companies need to implement.”

The deadline to implement the revised Safeguards Rule requirements is December 9, 2022 – and 2Secure Corp’s new educational drive aims to simplify the process for auto dealers.

“The new amendments to the Safeguards Rule require dealers to undertake a series of procedural, technical, and contractual steps to protect consumer and other personal data,” said 2Secure Corp CEO Yigal Behar. “This includes appointing a qualified individual to implement and supervise your information security program,” he added.

2Secure further explains that, along with having qualified personnel working on data security protocols, auto dealers are also required to conduct risk assessments and design and execute safeguards for risk management. A cybersecurity expert like 2Secure Crop can help dealers comply with these and other requirements.

“A cybersecurity firm can implement and periodically review access controls, encrypt customer information, implement multi-factor authentication for those accessing customer information, and dispose of customer information securely,” explains Yigal Behar.

The new awareness campaign also covers guidance on staff training, writing incident response plans, reporting to the Board of Directors, monitoring service providers, and keeping information security programs up-to-date – all of which are required under the revised Safeguards Rule.

While its educational initiative covers all aspects of the revised Safeguards Rule, 2Secure Corp advises dealers to review the full FTC publication for further details.

Led by cybersecurity expert Yigal Behar, 2Secure Corp specializes in cybersecurity compliance, ransomware attack simulations, network vulnerability assessments, and penetration testing.

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