Explains Why The Demand For Copywriting Is Skyrocketing, an art school directory, explains why the demand for copywriting is soaring

BOHEMIA, NY / / April 21, 2014 /, a leading online art school directory, explains why the demand for copywriting is soaring.

Recently, the demand for copywriting has increased dramatically. The market for copywriting spans a variety of fields, including marketing and advertising. As the demand for copywriting has increased, so has the compensation.
Copywriting has become so needed in the marketing field that 60 percent of marketing and advertising agencies plan to hire copywriting employees in the near future. In fact, the copywriting field is one of the hottest out there. Graduates of the copywriting field have found jobs easily and have excelled in the work force. A person with a copywriting degree can expect to move up quickly and excel in the workplace.

Though most copywriters have English or journalism backgrounds, copywriting is still working its way into the college educational system as a program of itself. As of now, there are only several schools with a focus on teaching copywriting. By getting into one of these schools, you increase the chance of getting into one of the hottest writing career fields available.

Andrew Girard, a representative at, a leading art school directory, affirms that the copywriting field is increasing in demand and relevance. "Art is not just about painting and sculpting," he says. "Writing is an extremely valuable art form that can be adapted to fit a variety of careers. Writers that take courses in copywriting open themselves to a wide range of careers. By getting into the field now, you can become an expert in a field that is just gaining momentum. Try searching today to find more information on art colleges that fit your needs. Copywriting is just one of the many majors and fields featured on our website. is your one stop for art schools!" is a comprehensive directory of art degrees, art schools and art-related programs listed and maintained by, the leading platform for job seekers. is dedicated to assisting prospective artists, teachers, and students find schools, jobs, and programs best suited for their preferences. Whether you're looking for a new job, a new school or a new direction, the directory offers insight into top degree programs in a variety of fields, including graphic design, fashion design, interior design, game design, web design, photography and film. is an affiliate of, a similar directory featuring the best culinary schools in Florida.

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