Artistic Scene Unveils Online Artist Community For Artists And Photographers

Artistic Scene unveils online artist community for artists and photographers where they can share their latest creations. Invites artists to join and participate in this brand new artist and photographers online community.

Today, online artist community Artistic Scene has announced the launch of their new online portal targeted at artists and photographers at Artistic Scene is an online community for artists and photographers who want to share their latest work with other artists.

Artistic Scene enables artists to upload their art creations and photographs, so they can receive constructive feedback from other community members. Artistic Scene enables members to follow artists, so they can discover their latest work. Members of this new community are also able to create team accounts where multiple artists can work together on specific projects.

“We worked hard to get this project started. Supporting artists was always something I enjoyed in the past. By providing a community where artists can share their work and discuss their artwork, this project will help artists to improve their creations, which is an important factor to grow. ”, Dan Host, the community manager commented.

Constructive feedback is in fact important, as it enables artists to improve their skills, which is something every serious artist is after. Besides allowing artists to upload and share their work, Artistic Scene also features a comment section below each item submission, so other community members can comment on submitted pieces. The site also enables artists to participate in their community forums, where art, tools and resources can be discussed.

The site currently features:

+ Art Submission + Art Commenting + Team Functionality + Marketplace (Artists can sell artwork) + Artist Following / Messaging Features + Like System + Community Discussion Forums

Additionally, the site also enables artists to submit tutorials and how-to’s. Since learning and experience is worth more than a thousand words, such features are the ones that make a project stand out from the masses.


Artistic Scene was founded by Dan Host. The site has been launched in October 2015: The site’s mission is bringing together artists from all over the world to share their latest artwork. Besides enabling artists to share their work, the site also focuses on helping artists to grow by employing community features such as following/commenting and art related discussions.

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