Artist Releases Watercolor Landscape Painting of the Skagit Valley Tulip Fields

Artist Valerie Garner releases watercolor painting on stunning tulip fields of Skagit Valley, Washington.

Every year in April, the Skagit Valley in Washington state comes to life when the tulip fieldsbloom and create a breathtaking site for any visitor or nature lover. Theblooming of the Skagit Valley tulip fields is celebrated by the Tulip Festival,in which thousands of people come to see this spectacular choreography ofnature.

The Tulip festivaloffers many events ranging from a popular street fair, helicopter rides, tuliprun, quilt walk, wine festival, art shows, salmon barbeque and much more duringApril.

Artist Valerie Garneris a Pacific Northwest resident and was inspired by this colorful andcompelling scene, released a recent watercolor painting which is now availablefor art collectors and enthusiasts to purchase in different mediums.  It was painted with both wet on wet, and weton dry techniques.

Garner is quotedas saying, “Skagit County was my home for many years and the tulips providedmany wonderful memories and moments of beauty. The Tulip Festival and art are deeply intertwined with each other, and Iwanted to create my own expression of them, to share with others of thisbeautiful sight.”

This landscapepainting of blooming tulip flowers in colorful stripes represent well thecolorful fields to be seen.  There isalso small picturesque barn and the large snow covered Mount Baker in thebackground which is an active volcano, which is another impressive naturalbeauty.  The free flowing imagery in thepainting gives it a great amount of aesthetic appeal that will appeal to many.This watercolor painting is refined and cultivated, yet free flowing and rusticat the same time. 

This original workwas available for the price of $375.00 USD but upon being sold, the artistoffers prints of this painting on various mediums in sizes of the customer’schoosing. For more information please visit:

Release ID: 74280