Artist Brushes For Oil Paint And Oil Painting Launched In UK

Art Supply Central has launched a 14-piece artist brush set with expanded worldwide availability. The brushes are built for maximum durability, suitable for oil paint enthusiasts and oil painting.

UK-based art and craft materials brand Art Supply Central has launched its 14-piece artist brush set with expanded availability around the world. The line of handcrafted brushes is packaged with a sturdy case for convenient storage and transport, suitable as a gift for experienced artists and beginners.

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The newly launched product is provided to meet demands for high-quality paintbrushes that are built for long-term use without shedding bristles. Drawing on its years of industry experience, Art Supply Central ensures that oil painting artists and oil paint hobbyists now have an effective alternative to mass-produced, fragile brush sets.

The new set includes handmade long-handled beech paintbrushes, with hair designs ranging from flat, round, fan and filbert. Art Supply Central representatives explain that the brushes are carefully manufactured to retain optimal shape over time, providing customers with permanent artwork and craft solutions.

Along with durability, the brush set is designed for comfort and ease of use. The colour-coded handles enable users to identify and organise its variety of synthetic and natural bristle oil paint brushes.

Customers can benefit from the versatility of the sharp-finish brush set, compatible with watercolour, acrylic, and oil-based paints. In addition, the set is accompanied by a guide detailing effective brush aftercare instructions for continued maintenance and upkeep.

As reviewed via Amazon, one satisfied customer said of the product: “I am very pleased with the quality of these brushes. As someone who has owned many brushes over the years, I can see this set will last the test of time. They are definitely recommended for anyone who wishes to invest in quality or comfort. They have a range of sizes and have brushes suited for different types of painting.”

Interested parties are invited to visit the above-mentioned URL to find out more about the new brushes. To further support the artistic pursuits and hobbies of customers, the company offers a complimentary art training ebook on request, along with an additional fine detail brush with the set.

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