Artisanal Shrub Drinks – Fruit Flavored Antioxidant Drinking Vinegar Launched

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Shivelight Premium Beverage Co. of Missoula, Montana has launched a range of shrub drinks made from local, sustainably produced ingredients that highlight the natural and agricultural abundance of the region. These drinking vinegars are available in four natural flavors.

Now available in new flavors, these organic drinks are an alternative to artificial and sugar-saturated beverages and contain natural fruit extracts, vinegar, and raw Montana honey, offering a blend of natural flavors and medicinal benefits.

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The new shrub drinks are available in 4 flavors including Ginger Honey, Huckleberry, Flathead Cherry, and Bitterroot Apple & Cinnamon. These flavors are inspired by Montana’s bountiful fruit harvest and incorporate local specialty ingredients. They do not use preservatives or stabilizers, thereby retaining their beneficial properties.

Since ancient times, shrubs have been used as revitalizing medicinal tonics. Once used as a cure for scurvy, shrubs are fermented drinks made from a combination of fruits, sugar, and vinegar. Shrubs can easily be stored for a long time since vinegar is a self-preserving ingredient that acts as a natural preservative.

The Shivelight Premium Beverage Company is focused on popularizing shrub as a versatile, contemporary health drink that can be used in inventive new ways. They share cocktail recipes that incorporate flavored shrubs as soda bases and natural mixers.

In recent years, fermented probiotic drinks like kombucha, drinking vinegars, and shrubs have gained popularity. Shrub beverages are packed with nutrients, enzymes, proteins, and beneficial gut bacteria and unlike kombucha, are completely free of caffeine. They also provide long-term health benefits including weight loss, lower blood sugar levels, and reduced inflammation.

Shivelight’s primary commitment is to source high-quality ingredients from conscientious local growers and promote safe, sustainable farming practices. They have partnered with a local farm that produces the purest form of honey without heating or filtering. All fruits and berries are sourced from family-owned organic orchards.

With the latest announcement, the company continues its mission of capturing Montana’s complex flavors in a bottle and offering it to customers in a pure, unadulterated form. They are also committed to empowering local, small-scale farmers who produce premium-quality ingredients while protecting the rich biodiversity of the region.

A satisfied customer said “Shivelight’s shrub drinks taste unique and refreshing. A perfectly healthy alternative to sugary beverages and mixtures.”

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