Artificial Grass Installer Expands Synthetic Grass Installation to all Arizona

Artificial Grass Installation Alliance provides a project success system for clients using Artificial Grass Installers. Five star service is the mission for Synthetic Grass Installation clients.

The Artificial Grass Installation Alliance (AGIA) is pleased to announce its expansion throughout Arizona with their Project Success System. The new state of the art system will track every project from start to finish and provide mobile updates to clients until the project’s completion.

Artificial Grass Installation Alliance oversees one of the largest organizations of Expert Artificial Grass Installers in the United States. The firm’s mission is to ensure that prospective clients receive the quality craftsmanship from their member artificial Grass Installation experts. AGIA’s new Project Success System provides a fluid, hassle free experience for the client.

Synthetic turf installation requires an initial investment, but it also yields significant annual savings in maintenance costs. This type of turf significantly reduces cost-in-use because it requires much less labor and materials to maintain. Irrigating, fertilizing, and mowing, that are required on natural turf, are not necessary on synthetic turf. It boasts of no mow, hard wearing and drought tolerant features.

AGIA’s service is a necessity for residential and business clients that are making the adjustment from natural to synthetic turf. Their Project Success System does all the work for the client and tracks the job flow between the vendor and the client through text messaging features. That progress simultaneously reaches all parties involved including AGIA’s live call customer service reps.

Todd Simpson, Marketing Director of Artificial Grass Installation Alliance, said the feedback from the Project Success System exceeded expectations and that everyone at the association is expecting this to be a game changer for the customer vendor relationship in Arizona. “After looking out over the landscape of our industry, the alliance now clearly has an edge and the most customer forward process in the respective field of Artificial Grass Installation,” Simpson added.

AGIA’s Project Success System removes all the risk typically associated with choosing a contractor. So no guess work needed, they have the relationship to make sure your vision comes to fruition without any hassles. AGIA doesn’t make it easy to wear their badge of authenticity and that keeps everyone in the process honest, which translates into a quality end product for the client.

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