Artificial Grass Company Urges the Government to Push Further

A fairly new artificial grass provider and installer company, Lawn Fitters, shared its perspective on the discontinuation of grass replacement rebate program by the Metropolitan Water District. Their views on this matter might encourage citizens to support artificial grass and conserve water.

Lawn Fitters, a fairly new company in the artificial grass industry, talks about their perspective on the currently discontinued grass replacement rebate program (due to the exhaustion of their budget) of San Diego. Like many other artificial grass manufacturer, distributors, and installers, they all seemed dismayed by the fast depletion of funds for the program.

The grass replacement program ran by Metropolitan Water District is simple; both residential and commercial property owners who would want to convert their lawn to artificial grass will apply for the said program. Once approved, qualified applicants will be eligible to receive $1.50 per square if there is more than 25% living plant material in the area, less than the latter will only receive $1.00 per square.

The last year’s budget set by the government was said to be about $270 million. Though, it did bring in plenty of minds to make a solid decision to convert their lawn and save more water in 2015 (worst drought in history of California), there was no further news of continuation. However, they did introduce a new agency, Sustainable Landscapes SD that allows customers to be qualified for a different type of reimbursement – details as of the moment are limited. As seen on their website, “The incentive program requires rainwater capture and detention, soil enhancements, climate-appropriate plants, water-efficient irrigation methods and site inspections.” Thus, making it more complicated than a simple artificial turf installation that can be attained by the common populace.

British entrepreneur and owner of Lawn Fitters, James Scurrah encourages the government to once again fund the program. “Not only will we save water from artificial grass, we are able to make this city aesthetically beautiful,” said James. Along with Eric Wilkins, water conservation advocate, “the drought is not over, why stop it when it’s obviously working.”

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