Article Reveals Surprising Facts For Businesses Who Advertise On Facebook

Success Revealer has published its latest article covering Facebook Retargeting Campaigns and how to potentially cut ad spend cost while boosting sales, which is aimed primarily at businesses and agencies who advertise on Facebook.

Success Revealer has published a new article entitled Facebook Retargeting Campaigns – “Traditional” vs. “Behavioral”, which sheds light on the most important aspects of Facebook Retargeting Campaigns and how to potentially cut ad spend cost while boosting sales for businesses who advertise on Facebook.

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The article includes several interesting pieces of information, one in particular is on average, 98% of first time visitors to business websites will leave without making a purchase or signing up to an email list. So if businesses are not following up with these visitors, they’re leaving money on the table. And if the business paid to drive these people to their site, they’re actually throwing money away. This is why retargeting has become so popular. It gives businesses a chance to follow up with people that hit their site and left without converting. Retargeting does work, but not nearly as well as it could. This should be of particular interest to businesses and agencies who advertise on Facebook. Any visitor that leaves without converting is treated exactly the same with “traditional” Facebook Retargeting. Businesses can do better. “Behavioral” Facebook Retargeting lets businesses segment website users by behavior and action. Users that spent minutes on the business’s website page and scrolled through a lot of the content are people that the business has a stronger chance of converting into customers.

The article dives deeper into why this is important, as found in the following extract:

‘Businesses who do not to take advantage of the “traditional” Facebook Retargeting could miss out on potential revenue. However, there are still improvements that can be made, because if a business has a 40% bounce rate (meaning 40% of people who land on the website leave without clicking to anywhere else on the site), then those people should not be treated the same way as the rest who actually showed interest to potentially convert.’

In discussing the article’s creation, Benjamin Castillo, author of the article at Success Revealer said:

“I think there is so much businesses need to think about regarding their website visitors and prospective buyers. They simply cannot just sit back and watch as 98% of their website visitors do not buy and never come back – the strategy and tools are here to change that.”

One of the most important pieces of information the article tries to convey and communicate is that this new behavior-based Facebook Retargeting approach lets businesses create ultra targeted audiences of truly engaged site visitors that may increase business conversion rates and decrease business ad costs. This new product is called ConnectRetarget. ConnectRetarget is the first platform ever that allows businesses to run behavioral retargeting campaigns on Facebook.

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