Article Reveals Life Saving Facts Before Sunning To Prevent Skin Cancer & Other Conditions

The Skin website's latest article disclosing Shocking Life Saving Facts Before Sunning To Prevent Skin Hyperpigmentation. Revealing invaluable "Must Know" information on how to avoid hyperpigmented skin conditions when exposed to the sun.

With the summer just around the corner, people are anxiously preparing for the delights of the HOT sun. However, the startling fact is that one in three types of cancers diagnosed, is skin cancer. The significant majority of diagnosed skin cancerous tumors are due to excessive sun exposure damage. For sensitive skin types that have either very light or dark skin tones, the information found can be life changing not only for sun protection but for personal appearance and confidence as well. (Read More Here)

As part of continuing efforts to provide the people with the most impertinent facts to protect against the suns damaging effect causing Hyperpigmentation, the skin-review website has published a new article entitled “ Life Saving Facts Before Entering The Sun”

The article was created for the people concerned about the effects of over exposure to skin damaging UV sunlight. Unprotected epidermis can have a dramatic effect and with as few as five unprotected sunburns the risk of skin melanoma doubles!

In discussing the article’s creation, Stephen Hawkins, Director of Marketing and Senior Writer said,

“The article was created to help people protect from dangerous UV exposure, especially those closely associated with Hyperpigmentation.” “Too much “having fun in the sun” without SPF can lead in the form of sunspots and freckles or worse.”

One of the most eye-opening pieces of information in the article is when coming from the cold winter weather the body has been exposed to a dry, artificial heat. Causing the skin’s outer barrier less effective to hold moisture, making the skin extra vulnerable to UV sun rays.

Millions of people suffer from all different types of Hyper-pigmentation skin conditions all over the globe. One thing, rarely discussed is the fact that it doesn’t just affect the outside of the skin. (learn more at

Hyperpigmentation is caused by an overabundance (overactive amount) of melanocytes cells. These cells are what create and produce “melanin” which is the pigment that gives skin its color, too much or too little reflects the actual skin tone color.

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