Art Supply Central Exports Its Artist Brush Set To Aspiring German Artists

Following the sales success of its paint brush set exclusively on Amazon in America and the United Kingdom, Art Supply Central's European expansion continues into Germany

The fourteen piece artist brush set consists of half watercolor paint brushes with the highest quality synthetic bristles, half oil paint brushes with the natural hair and great liquid holding capacity. The set serves as a broad selection for artists because of its carefully selected combination of seven natural bristles and six synthetic brushes.

In addition to these, the paint brush set comes along with a short handle and fine detail artist brush for the guaranteed satisfaction of the budding artists. The set includes premium quality paintbrushes that are round, flat, filbert and more. These are known for their superior durability and feel and are incredibly soft to the touch. These are individually packaged and are manufactured to stay over a period of time.

Through the smooth, long and natural wood handles, these paint brush sets are designed for watercolor and acrylic painting. The portable paint brush set is neatly packaged in a wipe clean, magnetic fastening pouch for ease of access and protected storage. This combination of artist brushes and travel case could also serve as a ready made gift set to give to aspiring artists or seasoned painters who are fed up with their old or worn out brushes.

This handmade artist brush set helps artists in developing and expressing their utmost creativity, skill and expertise. Among those things that can be enjoyed from this quality set is the opportunity of exploring and working with oil-based or water-based paints. Based on %PR_LINK%, the holding capacity of the bristles and sharp finish of the selection of brushes make it a highly rated set for the fun and enjoying painting experience of the artists.

Designed by artists for use by artists, the sets are produced by a specialist manufacture with over one-hundred years of experience in the production of specialist artist brushes.

Now %PR_LINK2% as well as America it is expected that the product will get the attention of new and established artists for its good painting experience. This set is said to be priced at a fifty percent discount to the cost of buying the artist brushes individually. It can be bought as a practical and functional gift set due to the ergonomic presentation of quality and fine paint brushes in a snap shut, wipe clean, travel case. This is a balanced selection of brushes for oil, watercolor and acrylic painting, affording artists of different abilities and experience many hours of creativity using due to its high quality materials.

Art Supply Central was founded in the year of 2014, backed by a team that specializes in designing paint brush sets, and based on over one hundred years of combined expertise. These are guaranteed not shed and are priced to be affordable to the mainstream beginners and artists.

For added peace of mind, the paint brush set comes with an extended 12 month satisfaction guarantee backed by Amazon. In the event that an artist is not happy with the way their finished artwork looks, with these paint brushes they are less likely to blame their tools.

“Thanks to the excellent customer feedback we’ve had since this premium yet affordable Artist Brush Set was launched in 2014, we are delighted to now offer it to even more artists across Europe as well as America,” added Kieron Penrose, CEO for Art Supply Central.

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