Art Supplies Launches a New Paint Brush Set on Amazon – Receiving Rave Reviews

Art Supplies launches a new paint brush set on Amazon and celebrates the influx of positive customer reviews. More information about the product can be found here

Earlier this month, Art Supplies released a professional 6-piece artist paint brush online. Since then, the company has made an unprecedented name for themselves within the industry.

Positive customer reviews surrounding the paint brush set have been flowing in from satisfied buyers on Amazon. Users are praising how soft and durable the brush bristles are. Others say the brushes provide a lot of control and easily apply paint to paper or canvas.

“I’m not a professional artist, but I know what I like” explained a recent reviewer. “This paint brush set is professional grade and built well enough that I don’t mind my grandchildren using them. When using the brushes with oil and acrylic paints, I noticed that the load is great, the bristles don’t shed and they are easy to clean. These should last me a lifetime but if not, the company will come through with their lifetime warranty.”

The 6-Piece Professional Paint Brush Set can be used for acrylic, oil, watercolor or face painting. Each of the brushes are made with soft, pliable nylon brushes that do not shed, maintain their shape and are easy to clean off. The bristles have a high liquid holding capacity and offer a consistently smooth paint flow.

Company spokesperson Ell Bailey said of the launch “We are very excited with our product. The development of the new paint brush set was a long time in the making. This week we have been celebrating the influx of positive customer reviews. This vindicates our products quality, style and durability.” This is the companies first product to be launched and Art Supplies have trusted Amazon as sole supplier. This is as they are well placed with their network to ensure safe and quick delivery to all customers.

The Professional Paint Brush Set from Art Supplies is currently available on Amazon, where customers automatically receive a lifetime guarantee. To find out more information, visit the page directly.

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