Art Handler’s Launches Effort to Help Consumers with Appliances This Season

Art Handler's Appliance Center offers consumers tips for getting the most out of kitchen appliances this holiday season, such as not self cleaning the oven, and emptying your ice maker.

Pleasantville, NJ-based Art Handler’s Appliance Center has recently released a list of tips for customers to get the most out of premium kitchen appliances and ensure consumers’ kitchens run smoothly this December. In most households, the kitchen is the center of all the action. But during the holiday season, the activity kicks into high gear, especially for those who host holiday gatherings. For these reasons, Art Handler’s compiled a list of tips of useful advice on avoiding issues with kitchen appliances before, during and after the holidays. A few of these tips are included below. Customers who want more advice about optimally using kitchen appliances this holiday season can check in with one of Art Handler’s advisors in the showroom.

Don’t self-clean an oven before holiday cooking. It is true that an oven’s self-cleaning feature is engineered to make cleaning easy, but those who use it right before the holiday cooking begins could be in for a catastrophe.

Those who don’t use their oven’s self-clean option regularly (at least two times per year), and decide to try it out right before a holiday gathering, could cause an oven malfunction that can damage their oven.

It is also best to avoid using chemical oven cleaners right before the event. They might work well to remove baked-on grease and food particles, but they may leave behind a layer of chemical residue that can be cooked into your holiday dishes, creating a nasty taste and potential health hazard for one’s guests.

Be sure to empty the ice maker a couple of days before the holiday gathering. Dirty ice can ruin an otherwise perfectly delicious drink. Make sure guests have plenty of fresh, clean ice to serve with the holiday cheer. An ice maker can become contaminated by the flavors of food stored in a refrigerator and freezer as air moves through the appliance. This can result in an odd, chalky taste and bad smelling ice.

To prevent such impurities, start two or three days before the gathering by emptying the entire ice compartment. Next, let it refill with fresh ice. Then, empty the fresh ice into a plastic bag and store it in the freezer, protecting the ice from the air circulating in the appliance. Repeat until there is enough ice to cool guests’ beverages throughout your holiday event.

Those who have a convection oven should use it. The convection option helps the oven cook food faster and more evenly, and is generally better for browning dishes.

The oven’s owner’s manual is a great starting point for instructions on using the convection settings, but here are some general tips for doing so:

1. Either reduce the baking time by 25 percent or lower the recommended cooking temperature by 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. To bake small pastries, cut the cooking time by 15 percent.

3. Preparing a large roast? Cut the cooking time by 30 percent.

Don’t overload the dishwasher. After the big meal, it may be tempting to cram every dirty dish, glass, pot, pan, and utensil into available space in the dishwasher, but it is best to avoid overloading the appliance. Doing so often results in ineffective wash cycles making the unit work too hard.

Be sure to use the proper amount of dishwashing detergent for each cycle. Excess suds created by using too much detergent will fill the dishwasher, making the cycles less effective. Excess food particles can clog the appliance’s jet streams, so scrape off all food residue from plates, bowls and silverware. At the same time, avoid over-rinsing dishes, because enzymes in dishwasher detergent need some food residue to activate its cleaning properties and be effective.

You depend on your kitchen appliances all year and their peak performance is a must during the holiday season. Knowing how they operate puts you in the best position to have memorable holiday gatherings for your family and guests.

Should your home appliances show signs of excess wear and tear, the holiday season is also a great time to upgrade to more modern options. You can take advantage of deep discounts and generous rebates across many of our most popular brands in our virtual showroom at or by visiting us in person at 10 East Black Horse Pike in

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