Arlington VA Middle Manager Leadership Course – Scalable Coaching Plan Launched

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Arlington, Virginia-based consultancy Optify has updated its coaching program for middle managers. It equips new leaders with the foundational skills they need to succeed in their new role.

Optify, a business consultancy based in Arlington, Virginia, announces the launch of its updated management coaching for mid-level leaders. This program is geared towards young managers who recently transitioned from being individual contributors to people leaders.

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This updated program can help businesses improve their productivity and profits by developing the leadership skills of their middle managers. Leaders will learn foundational skills such as active listening, critical thinking, perspective-taking, decision making, and good communication.

According to research, only 18% of managers have adequate leadership skills at the time of their promotion. As a result, up to half of mid-level leaders fail in their roles, barring them from reaching the C-suite.

The goal of Optify’s coaching program is to unlock a person’s ability to engage team members and motivate them to achieve a common goal. The mentor also acts as a sounding board for new ideas and helps managers shape their unique leadership style.

Trainees will learn vital traits such as self-awareness, which allows them to understand what drives them and their team. They will also be familiar with various leadership models that they can apply to their unit or department.

New managers will also learn the importance of accountability, both individually and as a team. To make the experience more hands-on and engaging, there will be coach-led role-playing exercises that simulate real-life management scenarios.

The consulting firm says that training middle managers has a multiplier effect on the business. Well-trained leaders can drive better productivity and can easily step into more senior roles should the opportunity arise.

Optify is a leading corporate coaching expert that offers comprehensive solutions to clients. It can provide both one-on-one or group training sessions depending on a business’ needs.

A spokesperson says: “Coaching programs that develop dozens or hundreds of leaders at a time at levels below the C-suite can raise the collective capability of an organization to adapt to – and thrive in – today’s complex business environment. When those programs are aligned with the company’s business goals, the impact expands even more.”

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