Arlington TX Mobile Phlebotomy – Children Blood-Draw At-Home Services Launched

Arlington, Texas-based On The Go Phlebotomy has launched an expanded range of in-home or at-work testing services for patients and employers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Arlington, Texas-based On The Go Mobile Phlebotomy has launched an expanded range of blood draw services for parents, individuals, and businesses in Arlington, Dallas-Fort Worth, and surrounding areas.

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The recently enhanced services are a response to the challenges of the global pandemic and now include pediatric blood draws for kids, lab testing, and on-site drug testing for businesses.

Phlebotomy is the process of drawing blood from a vein for the purposes of medical diagnostic testing or drug testing. Mobile phlebotomy services are growing in popularity due to the convenience they offer patients, as well as reduced pressure on local healthcare clinics.

Having partnerships with a number of diagnostic laboratories in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, On The Go Mobile Phlebotomy now provides a timely at-home blood draw service that provides rapid test results to the patient’s healthcare provider.

The new services include diagnostic wellness tests that screen for over a dozen bio-markers including heart health, hormone levels, and metabolic functions. For those who are too busy to visit a doctor, the new service provides an easy and affordable way to have regular health check-ups.

A specialty of the recently enhanced service is pediatric blood draws. Staff at On The Go Mobile Phlebotomy have extensive experience with children of all ages including those with special needs.

Businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth area can also access the convenience of the updated mobile testing services. Instead of having employees travel to a testing center, On The Go Mobile Phlebotomy brings testing equipment to the place of work, which can include blood, saliva, hair follicle, and breath alcohol tests.

The company can perform on-site drug tests for new or existing employees, including random drug testing or pre-employment screening. Drug screens can be completed in as little as 15 minutes, minimizing employee downtime and loss of productivity.

A satisfied client stated: “Best phlebotomy experience ever. I have a nonverbal special needs child and I was super nervous, imagining it not going well at all. Staff from On The Go were able to get a quick stick in my son, wiggly arm and all. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.”

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