Arlington Health Insurance Remains Staple in 2021 After High Court Decision

Rick Thornton, a health insurance agent in Arlington, says a repeal of the Affordable Care Act with latest appointment might not happen if experts are right in latest assessment.

Arlington health insurance won’t have any dramatic changes because of the ongoing court battles over the Affordable Care Act. That’s the opinion of at least one legal expert who went on Bill Hemmer Reports recently. Andy McCarthy, an ex-prosecutor, told the show that he doesn’t believe there is a single vote to strike down the Affordable Care Act on the nation’s highest court, despite everyone thinking the contrary.

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“No serious observer believes the nation’s highest court will overturn the Affordable Care Act if Judge Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed,” McCarthy said after the first day of the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings. According to Fox News, McCarthy added that the best thing about the confirmation process is Barrett herself, explaining that the more she’s center stage answering questions, the better it is. This is big news for Americans, especially those who have health insurance in Arlington who continue to watch back-and-forth quips, and arguments from both sides of the Affordable Care Act legal battle. Many people have said Amy Coney Barrett will be the tipping point for the ACA’s demise if she is confirmed as the next justice on the nation’s highest court. The latest appears to be a serious suggestion from one of the Senate’s top voices that this will not happen.

Rick Thornton, an Arlington Health Insurance Agent, says McCarthy may be right. While everyone is focused on talking about the Affordable Care Act, they have failed to recognize that Barrett has not said specifically that she will definitely strike it down. He says that Americans should take this latest news seriously and pay attention to how things shake out with the court before making any big decisions with their health insurance.

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