Arlington Health Insurance May Require Insurers To Bill For Abortions Separately

Rick Thornton, a health insurance agent in Arlington, reminds everyone that the latest ruling is nothing new. Technically, it was always a part of the Affordable Care Act but was never enforced.

Health Insurance in Arlington may soon be subject to a previously unenforced provision that will drastically change how insurers who offer healthcare plans under the Affordable Care Act collect payments for elective abortions. The current administration finalized a rule at the end of 2019 that required insurers to bill for abortions separately from other payments. Technically, this is nothing new, as the ACA always had this provision in its verbiage. But it was never enforced under the previous administration, allowing insurers to bill for these procedures along with fees for other services. If left unchallenged, the rule will be enforceable as of June 27, 2020.

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A big reason for this new rule is because the majority of people who obtain Arlington Health Insurance through the ACA get help paying for their premiums through tax subsidies. Anti-abortion groups argue that mixing payments for elective abortions with other healthcare services creates a situation where taxpayer money potentially funds abortions. As a result, the current administration is doing what it can to right what it feels are serious wrongs with the ACA, according to Rick Thornton, an Arlington health insurance Agent.

The idea is that this new rule will comply with the minimum protections for taxpayers nationwide. Over the last two years, red state lawmakers who oppose the Affordable Care Act’s existence have been clamoring for more stringent regulations, with the long-term goal of having it struck down in its entirety by the state’s highest court. The nation’s healthcare system as a whole continues to be threatened by legal uncertainty surrounding the Affordable Care Act. It has become so bad that proponents of the oft-maligned ACA have asked the state’s highest court to make a definitive decision during the term that runs through June. If this doesn’t happen, they believe issues will continue to mount.

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