Arlington Health Insurance Likely Won’t See ACA Repeal By a High Court in 2021

Rick Thornton, an Arlington health insurance agent, says all the concerns over Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation might be much ado about nothing as ACA has new life under current administration.

Arlington health insurance may not experience any negative changes due to the long-standing controversy surrounding the Affordable Care Act after all. Officials are theorizing that the Nation’s highest court, which has a new Justice in Amy Coney Barrett, aren’t as interested in hearing arguments about overturning ACA as much as many people originally thought. Barrett has long been considered a healthcare extremist.

The Washington Examiner reminded everyone recently of Barrett’s position on the court and how the previous administration put her there to help aid their plans to repeal the ACA. In fact, protestors gathered throughout the city to speak out against her nomination, warning that she would be the decisive vote in a case on the Affordable Care Act and health insurance Arlington. In Congress, Democrats of all stripes characterized Barrett as a vote against President Barack Obama’s signature achievement, the Examiner said. But when the court heard arguments in the case, California v. Texas, the Examiner said, “the-majority-of the justices signaled that the Republican challenge was not enough to bring down Obamacare. And as the court prepares to release its decision in the case in the coming weeks, few expect the act to fall.”

Rick Thornton, an Arlington health insurance agent said he expected things to calm down after Barrett’s confirmation and the new administration taking office. Still, so much is in flux, and anything is possible moving forward, he added. As for right now, though, everything appears safe. Thornton pointed to one line in the Examiner article, which said that Barrett questioned whether Texas “even had standing to bring the case up in the first place.” This makes it increasingly likely that the court would uphold the act rather than tear it down completely.

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