Arkansas Alternative Financing Real Estate Investment Property Options Launched

People who want to make the most of the current real estate opportunities can benefit from a newly launched alternative financing service. Credit Nerds offers people a custom matching program.

Individuals who want to capitalize on the changing real estate market, low mortgage rates, and the increase of low-cost properties can benefit from a newly launched alternative real estate financing service. Credit Nerds can help people find finance lenders for a second property, vacation home, or real estate investment.

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The newly launched alternative real estate financing service offers people many options from bank-type financing, to bank alternatives, rehab, and bridge programs, and ground up construction loans. The bank-type financing options are ideal for investors looking to leverage their own credit and assets to create a portfolio.

Typically, this option requires people to have a moderate credit score and will have stringent approval requirements such as debt to income ratio and liquidity. Although this type of loan is harder to secure, it can offer advantages such as lower costs and more favorable terms.

Credit Nerds says bank alternative programs are offered by lending institutions that may not fall under the traditional structure of banks. Investors who do not meet the traditional lending guidelines of credit and income may be able to leverage this option.

Funding such as this can be used for multifamily, mixed-use, office, retail, warehouse, and self-storage real estate. The team provide a detailed breakdown as to territory limitations, available loan amounts, use of funds, the maximum loan to value (LTV) ratio, the loan term, interest rates, and more via its website.

Real estate investors who need financial support between the purchase of a new property before selling an existing property or to flip a project may benefit from a rehab and bridge program. It is offered nationwide and is considered a transactional line of credit.

A company spokesperson said: “At Credit Nerds, we can help you find the lenders you need to fund your next real estate deal. You can use our custom matching program to get connected to the right lender at absolutely no cost to you.”

“We cannot tell you if you will be approved for house or car funding, but we can help you improve your credit score,” they added.

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