Arizona Home Floors Provides Dust Free Tile Removal Service to 2,000th Customer

Arizona Home Floors reached a significant milestone on August 26, 2015 in servicing their 2,000th customer with the DustRam® System Equipment for dust free tile and flooring removal.

Since May of 2010, Arizona Home Floors has provided to homeowners in the Greater Phoenix, Arizona area the option of having tile flooring removed without the invasive, dusty mess normally created and left behind by the traditional tools of the industry. Arizona Home Floor’s owner, Jack King, is the inventor, patent holder and also President of DustRam, LLC who manufactures and sells the revolutionary DustRam® System equipment. Jack developed both specialized tile removal tools and refined the removal process to allow tile and other flooring to be removed dust free.

The 2,000th customer was Melinda Stanton, a 42 year resident of and local Real Estate agent for MCO Realty in Fountain Hills, AZ. Melinda hired Arizona Home Floors to remove 660 square feet of Ceramic tile flooring and thinset in her home. The tile removal crew was able to remove all of the tile and thinset down to the concrete subfloor in less than 8 hours with none of the usual 700 pounds of dust that would be left behind using traditional tools and methods. Melinda stated she choose Arizona Home Floors to remove the tile flooring in her own residence because of their promise of a dustless tile removal.

When the project was completed, Melinda said “I was very pleased with the service starting with the crew arriving on time, being respectful of my home and pets, and it truly was dust free. I was skeptical, as most customers must be, but it was amazing. I have experienced in my years of doing real estate, both myself and with my clients, of having tile removed from their homes. It was a dusty, dirty, disgusting job and everything including the walls were just covered with dust afterwards. The system that Jack King and Arizona Home Floors have put together leaves none of that. I was truly amazed while I was home all day watching. There is no dust in my house!”

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Arizona Home Floors guarantees their clients homes will be as clean if not cleaner when they leave than when they arrived for each flooring removal project. Developed and perfected over an 8 year time period, the DustRam® System is the only tile removing equipment currently on the market capable of performing removal of tile and other floor coverings such as wood and vinyl with consistent, repeatable dust less results. Ceramic, Porcelain, Saltillo, Travertine, Slate, and other stone tiles, as well as the thinset and grout underneath, are removed cleanly and typically in half the time traditional, dusty methods require. The system consists of individual tile removal tools for each step of the removal process that are used with high performance, high power vacuums to capture the dust at the source. A typical 1,000 square foot removal of ceramic tile can generate 500-600 lbs. of hazardous crystalline silica dust.

While the service cost is more than traditional methods performed, the value received is immense. A clean, dustless removal of tile eliminates the cost of hiring professional companies to perform multiple home and HVAC duct work cleanings, not to mention the typical inconvenience of dust reappearing out of nowhere for months. Kitchen, bathroom and pantry tile, as well as other areas of the home, can be removed without the use of ineffective plastic barriers or water. Cabinets, drapery, furniture, rugs and electronics are not covered by or contaminated with dust from the thinset, grout and concrete. “Our hope is to eventually revolutionize the flooring removal industry and enable homeowners everywhere to have access to a healthy, clean tile removal service that will not contaminate their beautiful homes with hundreds of pounds of dust”, said Jack King.

The DustRam® System Equipment designed by Jack King and used by Arizona Home Floors is available for sale to contractors, remodelers, property management companies and flooring installers in other states across the U.S. and Canada. Arizona Home Floors is the only company in the Phoenix, Arizona area removing tile with the DustRam® System Equipment as a truly dust free flooring removal option to homeowners.

More information including videos of the equipment in operation and testimonials from actual customers, visit the website, or call (480) 659-3199 to discuss any projects.

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