ARISCU reduces man hours with remote EHS audits

ARISCU saves cost on EHS legal audits and auditing man hours.

ARISCU (a Complyworks company) offers remote and digital Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) legal audit services which reduces auditing man hours and overall auditing costs. Remote auditing has become the new normal during the COVID-19 pandemic. ARISCU’s legal team are geared up to offer structured remote audits while maintaining a high quality standard.

The same audit procedure applies both to onsite and remote EHS audits, with the difference being the electronic collection and recording of evidence by a designated employee of the company while the external auditor uses the electronic evidence to assess legal compliance. Surprisingly, reviewing documents and records virtually is even more effective than doing so onsite.

A prominent feature offered with ARISCU’s remote audits is the ‘Audit Exposure’ feature; an assessment of items weighing the highest risk or exposure, with their respective legal fines or penalties. This highlights items of priority to the client. With the initiation of immediate corrective action on these items, the cost of non-compliance is reduced.

ARISCU has also introduced remote Quality Assurance audits to existing clients who use their ‘Audit Manager’ module within the company’s integrated SHEQ management system. The ‘Audit Manager’ module allows ARISCU clients the flexibility to conduct their own audits via mobile devices or tablets. The remote Quality Assurance audit is a quality check on the client’s own audits, ensuring that any applicable legislation was not overlooked.

Remote Legal Audits and Quality Assurance Audits can save the client up to 50% on normal audit rates and up to 60% of auditing man hours. For proven case studies please visit

ARISCU is a South African company that can trace its roots back to the year 2000, and offers legal expertise/consulting, EHS legal audits, and digital legal registers in relation to ISO 14001 (Environmental), ISO 45001 (Health and Safety), ISO 9001 (Quality), and ISO 22000 (Food Safety). For many organizations, their approach to SHEQ will be connected to internal governance, risk management, and compliance strategies. Legal registers serve as the foundation of the ARISCU system and are linked to their prized integrated management system.

ARISCU’s bestselling ‘Audit Manager’ module has pre-populated questions to comply with all sections in the Legal Register. Therefore, the client is only required to answer the questions, and attach relevant pictures or data, to complete an audit. An autogenerated audit report with relevant statistics is then created, saving the client time on report writing and data capturing. The autogenerated report also contains the ‘Audit Exposure’ feature mentioned above.

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