Ari Communications to Promote Suncoast RHIO

SunCoast RHIO has contracted Ari Communications to promote their services to the greater Medical Community

It was announced at a press conference yesterday that Ari Communications has been commissioned to promote SunCoast RHIO’s website, in order to increase awareness of their services in the medical community.

SunCoast Rhio is a regional health information organization. They supply software and managed services with inter-operational capabilities to healthcare facilities.

They are also a CMS qualified PQRS Registry for clinical quality measure reporting and are certified as a CMS Health Information Handler under the ESMD (Electronic Submission of Medical Data) project.

Company President Louis S Galterio stated that “Suncoast Rhio is a Technology Logistics Company for Medical Information. We capture it, package it and distribute it.”

To learn more about their services go to:

Ari Communications has been steadily increasing their presence in media communications. Having started as Ari Publishing, a publisher of books, e books and audio books, they took note of how the publishing business was evolving and adapted their business model to reflect those changes. They started by acquiring Publishing for Professionals, a publisher of books authored by Doctors, Lawyers, Financial Planners and other professionals. Took note of the increasing number of YouTube viewers and expanded into mobile Website design, video presentation business cards and video advertising.

Ari Communications president Zackary Richards stated that, “As a growing business it is essential that advertising budgets be laser-targeted and tailored-made to specific websites whose visitors have shown interest in those particular products or services. The goal is to create a community of avid subscribers who want to be kept up to date on cutting edge technology in their chosen fields.”

With the continuing decrease of interest in magazines, newspapers, radio and television advertising, newer webs-based media companies like Ari Communications have taken advantage of the consumer shift to alternative means of information and entertainment, such as webinars, podcasts, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media where demographics can be sectionalized, making it possible to advertise to a specific group of consumers.

The advertising campaign is said to begin in early October.

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