Argos Software Shows Being Customer-Friendly is Key Factor in Brand Success

Argos Software's focus has long been designing specialized business management software for the agri-business, 3PL and transportation industries. They offer software and services that help businesses succeed in planning and implementing activities that keep them ahead of the competition.

Industry-leading Third Party Logistics (3PL) software provider Argos Software recently shared an enlightening White Paper on how to evaluate and assess your own 3PL services. The paper is an effort to show businesses how effective they are as a 3PL. Being a “customer friendly” service is just one (perhaps the first) step to being known as a leader in any industry. And in today’s digital age, consumerism is powerful. Your customers have dozens, if not hundreds, of options out there. You simply cannot afford to not be the best you can when it comes to top-notch customer service. Being an effective, efficient and consumer-focused 3PL is not only important today, it’s imperative.

Are You Customer Friendly 3PL shares how you can boost loyalty and ensure customers are satisfied, which will ultimately improve the chances that your first-time-customer turns into a loyal, repeat customer. The tips provided are designed to show you what and where your strengths are in relation to the current WMS software you use. Not only does a strong WMS improve customer satisfaction and increase customer loyalty, but the other huge benefit is it can keep you in a position that’s far ahead of your competition.

You’ll see how to look at things like:

-how easy is it to place an order?

-how often do you have stock-out issues?

-how often do you ship 100 percent-complete orders, versus needing multiple shipment to complete an order?

-how often are your orders perceived (by customers) as high-quality?

-how often do you ship orders late?

-how quickly do you respond to customer inquiries?

-how effectively do you handle complaints and do you offer credits when you should?

-and much more…

Business culture, empowering your employees, utilizing WMS software that’s user-friendly and customer-supportive all mean happy customers. Wondering how friendly you are as a 3PL? Check out Argos Software’s Are You Customer Friendly 3PL today to learn more.

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