ARES Sportswear Donates $450K Of Custom Apparel To Communities Across The Globe

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When ARES Sportswear was left with a lot of apparel due to event closures posed by the current health crisis, they turned to Matthew 25 Ministries to distribute their inventory all throughout the world!

Everyone remembers how the current health crisis began last March and April when everything seemed to shut down and get cancelled. When countless events and youth sports seasons were called off or paused, this took a massive financial toll on ARES Sportswear’s bottom line to the sum of about $450,000 in products.

ARES Sportswear has been an up-and-coming custom apparel provider for almost 30 years and is based in Hilliard, Ohio. ARES has supported countless youth sports leagues, schools, businesses and non-profit organizations with their custom apparel and spirit wear campaigns, so when the health crisis struck the United States they were left with thousands of printed t-shirts, sweatshirts and other types of apparel from rescinded orders that were otherwise not going to be used.

“We had to print the products ahead of time [before March], and then the events got cancelled,” Mike Campbell, CEO & Founder of ARES Sportswear said. “So we’ve been trying to figure out what to do with this unusable inventory for a long time, and Dan Girard, one of our most senior employees, came forth with a group that he was very interested in that would be willing to take the clothing and disperse it all over the globe to people in need.”

This unbelievably important volunteer-run charity group is called Matthew 25 Ministries, and they’ve helped distribute more than $2.5 billion worth of goods throughout the world to communities in need since their beginnings in 1991. With ARES’ apparel donations, the Matthew 25 Ministries team worked very diligently to collect the countless boxes of clothes from ARES’ Hilliard location and then connect these donations within their massive network of charities and underprivileged communities throughout the entire world.

So ARES Sportswear ended up being a vessel within the vast construct of the charitable efforts conducted by Matthew 25 Ministries, but the connection between these two organizations was longtime ARES employee Dan Girard.

“Dan has a set of values that I have a tremendous amount of respect for,” Campbell said. “And the fact that he was able to come up with this idea that the world truly benefits from and then it got done, it just makes me giddy.”

One of the reasons why ARES Sportswear chose Matthew 25 Ministries for this philanthropy project is because they abide by one of Mike Campbell’s golden rules: a minimum of 90% of collected funds being distributed to beneficiaries.

“Having all of this inventory sitting in our warehouse was a monument to how painful last March was, and staring at all this printed apparel that almost put us out of business was tough to look at,” Campbell said. “So to have one of my own take it and do something exceptionally positive with it felt great.”

Turning a new leaf into 2021 of course has been a lot easier said than done for many businesses throughout all industries, but for the ARES Sportswear team there is much solace to be had in giving back to struggling communities during these unprecedented times!

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