Arcadia CA Health Insurance – High-Deductible Plans For Critical Illness Launch

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Arcadia, CA - Lion’s Partners Insurance Agency (+1-818-472-9191) announces its updated health insurance policies for families. Now, clients can receive high-deductible coverage for more critical illnesses.

The improved health insurance plans continue the mission of the firm to offer intuitive coverage for families in the state at affordable prices. Lion’s Partners explains that one’s budget should not deter a patient from receiving the emergency care they need.

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Still, the insurance agency understands that health insurance is a complex and often misunderstood topic. Clients are often bogged down with too much information, told to just “trust” their agents, and live their life – unaware that their policies are either incomplete or too costly. In response to this trend, Lion’s Partners has updated its policies so that clients are walked through step-by-step, including complete transparency on payment terms.

This is crucial, says the group, considering that 8% of the American population was reported to not have any form of health coverage in 2019. Of this number, experts suggest that the main reason people do not have health insurance is a misunderstanding on how plans are calculated, what illnesses are covered, and whether they can be changed per person.

Lion’s Partners specializes in point-of-service plans that cover only the illnesses that are requested so clients only pay for what they need. The agency works with each client to determine their exact needs, including emergency care, dental, and vision, among others.

The agency has partnered with several health maintenance organizations and exclusive providers to offer cost-effective plans that are easily understood. The team also regularly checks on each client and their family to see how they are doing, especially during this time.

Lion’s Partners also offers life insurance plans and fixed or variable annuity policies.

New clients are encouraged to schedule a discovery call with the group online.

A happy customer wrote, “Health insurance plans are a nightmare to understand and compare, so their deep knowledge of plan intricacies, patience, clear explanations, attention to detail, and, most importantly, sensitivity to our specific needs was invaluable. I absolutely could not have enrolled in a plan without the agents at Lion’s Partners.”

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