ArborYpsi Michigan Child Custody Lawyer Paternity Parenting Time Service Launch

Sam Berstein of ArborYpsi Law in Ann Arbor Michigan has launched services for unmarried parents struggling with Child Custody issues. Child Support and other parental rights are represented.

Sam Bernstein of ArborYpsi Law in Ann Arbor Michigan has launched legal assistance for unmarried parents involved in child custody cases. His expertise is now available to unmarried couples who are challenged with issues such as child custody, child support, parenting time schdeules, paternity, and more.

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The launch of family law by Sam Bernstein at ArborYpsi law was prompted after recent reports were brought to the firm’s attention. Divorce, child custody, child support, and paternity suits are on the rise due to the measures the government has decided are needed to stall the spread of the coronavirus.

As the start of school quickly approaches parents are faced with a host of issues that they have never had before and Sam Berstein wants to help unmarried parents who have separated come to a favorable understanding when there are children involved.

A custody case, sometimes referred to as a paternity or support case, involves the issues related to children of an unmarried couple. It’s similar to a divorce, but no property issues are involved.

Sam Bernstein and his firm are adept at helping unmarried parents step through all the steps in a child custody case and achieve a favorable decision for his clients. The first step in the custody case is the initial filing, called the Verified Complaint.

Through compassionate and sensitive mediation attorney Berstein negotiates the second major step in a child custody case. This phase is called “the parenting time schedule.” This schedule determines which parent has the right to have the child for the night, school arrangements, weekends, and holidays.

Another part of a child custody case that ArborYpsi Law in Ann Arbor helps with is child support. Child support is an amount of money paid by one parent to the other parent.

Sam Bernstein strives to bring all parties to a peaceful agreement through mediation. If successful, mediation saves his clients substantial amounts money. If mediation fails the firm is prepared to take the child custody case to trial.

The launch of child custody representation by ArborYpsi Law provides parents in these difficult situations professional, competent, and compassionate help.

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