Aquebogue NY Grief Retreats/Overcoming Loss – Nature Healing Therapy Updated

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Aquebogue, NY - Marisa Striano (631-494-0363) announces that her grief retreats have been updated to include additional health and safety features amid the pandemic. The nature therapy offers alternative healing for those struggling to overcome their loss.

In these newly updated nature retreats, guests are invited to surround themselves with horses and the wild outdoors. This allows them to openly embrace their grief in all its magnitude to obtain closure over whatever has caused them trauma.

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Striano offers a new type of grief retreat, with horses playing a significant role in the therapy. Guests can interact with, ride on, or simply be around their favorite breeds and rediscover peace in their hearts.

The equine lover speaks from experience. The twice-divorced entrepreneurial free spirit understands the impact that certain events may have on a person. Too often, she says, does society repress emotions, stating that anything beyond a few weeks of sadness is weakness.

Experts recommend nature therapy as an alternative treatment to grief counseling. By physically removing oneself from their home or wherever the triggering event has occurred, people often gain perspective on what has happened and can take the first steps towards healing.

Throughout her life, Striano has found that reconnecting with nature, and particularly with horses, allowed her to healthily address her grief. She started her small business as a way to help other people in the state find the closure they need.

Grief retreats are usually recommended for those still mourning the death of a loved one, however, they may also be taken by those experiencing any type of trauma. Medical data proves that people with suppressed trauma often project their emotions in other ways.

This may include unhealthy habits such as substance abuse, eating disorders, or even unexplained and constant anger. Grief therapy is a necessary aspect of healing, and one affordable type of treatment is attending a nature retreat.

Striano updated her grief therapy retreats to include new health and safety features to reduce possible virus transmission of the pandemic. Guests are encouraged to schedule their retreats in advance.

Striano writes, “Until you take the time to mourn, it is almost impossible to move forward to be the best version of yourself after a traumatic event.”

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